Common Signs of Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder affecting thousands of people across the world. It occurs when a person adapts unhealthy methods of avoiding weight gain. A person with anorexia can either have an eating or purging type o a restrictive type. Both types of anorexia share many of the same signs and symptoms. Some of the signs that your loved one has an eating disorder such as anorexia include those listed below. If you notice the signs, learn more about how behavioral health services harahan can improve your life and this medical condition.

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1.    Purging Weight Control: Purging is one of the most common characteristics of anorexia. A person who is purging will self-induce vomit or use medications such as laxatives to help them go to the bathroom more often.

2.    Food Obsession: A person suffering from anorexia is an obsession with food. This person often monitors their calories or focuses on diets more often than they should. This sign is another common one that people suffer from.

3.    Emotional Change: People suffering from anorexia may also suffer from an emotional change that others around them notice. Signs may include anxiety, depression and impulsivity among others.

4.    Excessive Exercise: Another sign of anorexia is excessive exercising. A person affected by the disorder may also obsess over exercise and make it the most important part of their day.

5.    Distorted Body Image: A person suffering from anorexia often has a distorted body image. They may feel like they are ‘fat’ no matter how skinny they really are. They feel ugly and gross at any weight.

This is not a complete list of symptoms of anorexia but some of the most common. This is a dangerous disorder but help is out there if you are willing to take the first step and make a commitment to treatment.